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Music As My Writing Inspiration – What’s Your Poison?

Music as Writing Inspiration - What's Your Poison?What do you listen to when you’re trying to be creative?  Whether it’s writing, sewing, cooking, painting – what do you have on in the background?  Me, I’m currently in love with the new Arctic Monkeys’ album.  Hubbie bought it and we all love it, even the kids.

There’s something hilarious and uplifting about seeing my 4-year-old and six-year-old

nod their heads along to the baseline to the opening tune, à la Wayne’s World.  Dum.  Dum de dum de dum dum dum.  Can you hear it?  Head nodding along already?

Besides the Shivering Chimps, I also love a bit of Kings of Leon or my old favourite, Del Amitri (showing my age here).  I’ve also got a few playlists on the Cloud Player, mainly of dance music, that I can put on and tap away on the keyboard in time.

The fact is, the background music I have on varies, depending on my mood or the type of stories I’m writing.  It wouldn’t do to have a particularly jumping track on if I’m writing a dramatic, emotional scene – Daft Punk doesn’t quite cut it when a love affair is falling apart.

That said, certain music can shape the direction a story goes.  I’ve always harboured a true and abiding love for Justin Currie and Del Amitri, and the words of some of their earlier stuff has influenced me deeply.  No one captures the heartbreak of a broken relationship like the Dels.  I defy you to listen to “Be My Downfall” and not fall slightly in love with the bad boy being sung about.

Then there’s Snow Patrol, Love and Money, Counting Crows, Florence and the Machine, and my latest discovery, London Grammar.  I play a track by one of these bands and there’s a good chance I’ll be able to focus and get some serious writing done.

What’s your Poison, then?  What band makes you go A-ha, clear the Blur in your mind, and write a Killer(s) line?  What particular songs fill you with writing inspiration or motivate you to be otherwise creative?

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