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Join the Madness of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Join the Madness of NaNoWriMoAre you a crazy writer?  A frantic word counter?  Or simply a writing nut that loves a challenge?  Well read on and join me as I prepare for 1st November and the annual madness known as National Novel Writing Month.  Thirty days of mind-blowing madness that unites the globe via sleepless nights, aching and tired shoulders but huge smiles on 30th November.  The mission – to write 50,000 words in one month.  Sounds a lot doesn’t it?

But with just 1667 words per day the mission is complete – now, that’s do-able.

Last year my writing buddy Helen ordered, yes quite literally ordered me to prepare, as I would be starting and completing NaNoWri Mo 2012.  I was too frightened to refuse her.  This year, she doesn’t need to order me, I wouldn’t dream of missing the event.

Last year I simply had a character’s name, Nina – that was it!  Each day, I sat down at my laptop and in one month wrote 50,213 words – claiming my first success medal.  Boy, was I delighted.

This year, I’ve started making a mental plan – rules state you shouldn’t begin anything until the official start.  So far, my muse has names, places, conflicts and resolutions stashed and germinating.  I’ve been musing for a few weeks now, and am eager for the calendar to catch up with my energy.

I intend to use this year’s NaNo manuscript as draft one for my Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme submission – so for me this month is a vital event in my writing diary.

Via the website you can connect with other NaNo writers and can even sign-up for daily quests and local write-ins sessions – which adds a bit of fun to the event.

The name of the game is to write as freely as you can, without fear to worry of editing – something we writers are very bad at, but hey, November frees us from those anxieties and grants the freedom to enjoy the words flowing.

Interested?  You know you are really – take a look at the website… and join today.  Get ready, mentally plan a little something and go!

I’ll be at my desk come midnight ready to begin my word count as soon as the clock strikes 1st November.

Come and join me for a month, and I promise to hold your hand via the buddy links and guarantee by the end you’ll eagerly pencil NaNoWriMo 2014 in your diary.

Remember to search for me ODW11 on the buddy contacts.

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Bernadette O’Dwyer is an author based in Warwickshire, UK currently honing her second novel, whilst submitting her debut novel to literary agents. In her spare time she creates short stories for fiction magazines and some poetry.

A founding member of The Mad Hatter’s Writers’ Group of Atherstone, she regularly attends the Grace Dieu Writers’ Circle in Coalville.

Bernadette works full-time as an English teacher in a local secondary school.

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