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The Tisbech Terror



Audio Excerpt:

I pulled into the lay by before the graffito adjusted sign “Tisbech” twinned with danger.  Well, might as well wait for the pelting rain to pass over, not exactly going to be a queue of locals lining the hotel bar waiting to buy me a drink.  A half-hearted hello would be an improvement on anything a contractor from our firm has ever received.

Well don’t get me wrong, I’m paid a premium to work here.  The other lads refuse to come back and I would too if Amy could ease up on the credit cards.  I’d love to cut them up but I’m frightened she’d leave me.  Those words of her wrecks, that a guy like me could never keep someone as beautiful as her.  Taught me so much I’ll put up with here.  The ignoramus capital of ennui…

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  • Maria Smith July 31, 2013, 7:41 am

    Loved it! :-) off the wall, horror comedy, makes it refreshingly different.