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Virtual Writers’ Group

Welcome to Our Virtual Writers’ Group.

Writing groups exist so groups of like-minded people can share their love of writing and support each other in their writing activities.

The main feature of most groups is time within group meetings for members to read out their work and get constructive feedback from fellow members. Our Virtual Writers’ Group will operate along similar lines.

You will have the opportunity to submit your writing, have it displayed on our website and then receive feedback from fellow writers and also from people who love to read. Our view is that avid readers, as well as other writers, are in a great position to give feedback to you.

So what can you submit?

Well, anything you have previously written or are currently working on. It could be a short story, an extract from a longer piece, a poem or a script. Even if you are in one of those blank periods (we all suffer from writer’s block from time to time) you can keep your writing skills honed by tackling one of our Monthly Writing Challenges and having your work reviewed in the same way.

All we ask in return is that you offer feedback to at least one other writer for every piece of writing you submit.

If you belong to a writers’ group you will also have the opportunity to profile your group. Each featured group will have their own webpage.

Submit Your Writing Submit Your Writing

This is where you can submit a piece of writing you have previously written or are currently working on.

Please be prepared to offer your feedback to others if you submit.


This Month's Writing Challenge - July 2014This Month’s Writing Challenge

Writer’s Block or just a prolific writer?

Why not keep writing by completing this month’s challenge and submitting it for feedback?


Read Others’ Work and Give FeedbackRead Others Work and Give Feedback

Review others’ writing from submitted pieces or Writing Challenges  and leave your feedback here.


Profile Writing Group Profile Your Writing Group

Do you already belong to a Writers’ Group?  Take this opportunity to raise its profile and become part of a wider writing community.



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