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Fiction Writer’s Workshop Review

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Review of: Fiction Writer's Workshop
Josip Novakovich

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On June 28, 2013
Last modified:August 1, 2013


One of the best self-study books on creative writing I have read.

Fiction Writers WorkshopAlthough I belong to a Writers’ Group where I can get advice on all manner of writing, I also read instructional books on creative writing.  One of the better ones, in my opinion, is “Fiction Writer’s Workshop” by Josip Novakovich.

I like a number of things about this book.  The book is laid out in a sensible manner and the advice given in each section is well informed and backed up by relevant examples from classic and contemporary literature.

Somehow, Novakovich also manages to enthuse his readers and encourage them to put pen to paper through writing exercises found at the end of each chapter.  He also gives some self-critiquing questions for the writer to consider after completion of each of the exercises, so his voice is ever present in a supportive way.

All in all, I found the book to be an extremely useful addition to my library and one which I dip into as a reference book too.

If you have read the “Fiction Writer’s Workshop” do you feel the same about it as I do?

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  • Bea Davenport July 16, 2013, 10:23 am

    I don’t have this one (on a shelf which is groaning with ‘how to write’ books!) – thanks for drawing my attention to it, Tony. These how-to books are so very mixed in quality that it’s great to get a recommendation.

    • Tony at The Word July 16, 2013, 10:17 pm

      Hello Bea, I agree about the mixed quality of “How to ……” books. If you buy this one, I hope you agree with me that it is a useful addition to a writer’s library, but let us know what you think.

      One of the other things I like about the book, which I should have mentioned in the piece above, is that some people can write in isolation and without feedback from other writers. Whilst a book cannot comment on completed exercises (by the reader) from the book, it does try to give you tips on how to be self-critical about your work. Very useful for those who are not part of a group or have critical friends.