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Writing Challenge Display and Feedback: July 2014

The most recently submitted writing challenges are listed first.

Black: Entry #2

By: Jens Kunze
Black Entry 2

People still startle when they see us. The reaction usually follows the same pattern. They notice him and cannot help but stare. Some are outright scared from the looks on their faces. They look at him, then at me and quickly walk away. Others are rather curious and linger for a while. But as soon as they realise they've been staring at him, they blush and walk away. A rare few only show disgust. An old lady spat on the ground right in front of us once. Didn't say a single word; just uttered a retching sound to match her facial expression and spat. A big bubbly pool of saliva mixed with yellow and green bits of snot. ... KEEP READING

Black: Entry #1

By: Andrew Williams
Black Entry 1

The world is black.

Alone in the dark, the dogs bark. Lying in bed, my head full of the things that she said – wishing me dead – no sleep, I keep counting sheep, until the alarm bleeps and I throw off the sheets.

The night is the worst time. When it’s light is the first time I find relief from the pain; it’s always the same. But the light is a lie. I’m waiting to die, curtains drawn against the dawn. Work called again; I told them the pain remains.... KEEP READING