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Our Story


The Beginning…..

The word, whether read, written or spoken has always been the most important thing to us. Whenever we’d meet up the conversation would always turn to what we’d been reading, or trying to write and how we could somehow make our lives more creative than the normal 9 to 5 grind.

Finally, after maybe one glass too many, the germ of an idea grew into the website “The Word Runs Through It” a way for us to share our passion for the written word with you.

The Word… Is For You

 “The Word Runs Through It” is a space we’ve created where we can all come together to share our love of reading and writing, which authors, stories or poems inspire us and why.

What drives us to write and where does our inspiration come from?

How can we find a wider audience for what we write and how can technology help us along?

As well as providing a space for the free-flowing exchange of ideas and opinions we also want to ground these discussions in practical advice and support, information and recommendations for those also interested in the many facets of the word.

A Place for Writers and Readers

We know that most writers read and that many readers write… why not bring the two together in one place, in an integrated community, where writers and readers reach out to each other.

For Writers ……    

  • Take part in our Virtual Writers’ Group by submitting your own work and critiquing others’ work
  • Comment on aspects of writing and different types of publishing
  • Read stories by aspiring (and inspiring) writers and their writing journeys
  • Get closer to your writing and publishing ambitions
  • Find help in developing your online presence and gaining your own fans
  • Discover different ways to design and market your books
  • Receive information that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the writing & publishing world in one place so you don’t have to search all over the web for it
  • Be part of a community of writers, people who are interested in “The Word ……” and enjoy a place of encouragement and stimulation
  • Learn what readers want and enjoy

For Readers ……

  • Participate in our Virtual Readers’ Group and have your say about the books you love (or hate)
  • Suggest books to be reviewed
  • See what others are reading and their assessment / impression of what they read
  • Read never before seen works from new and established writers
  • Find out the latest in the world of books
  • Be part of a community of readers, people who are moved by “The Word ……”
  • Interact with our writing community and give your input on what makes a great work of fiction

For Everyone ……

If you are fascinated by the written word, you’ll find plenty to absorb you here and by being a part of our community of readers and writers, you’ll get great insights into “The Word…”

The Word…. Is You

Ready to get recognized for your writing success and find out what it means to be a published author?

Ready to read great stories from stimulating writers and views about all types of fiction?

We are learning from each other along the way and with your input we can make this a WONDERFUL site!

Our commitment is to bring you the very best of what we’re uncovering on our journey and to share with you what makes us passionate.

“The Word Runs Through It” is Run by Three Friends 

Our StoryGina – the brains behind the operation with a weakness for crime fiction and ghost stories.

Mark – a keen reader and writer who loves a challenge and won’t stop telling you he’s read Ulysses.

Tony - a member of a writing group, who is passionate about promoting creative writing.