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Short Stories, But Sweet

Short Story But SweetAfter the success of the BBC’s 500 words competition, the short story is clearly flavour of the month.

So to honour the return of the short story, I know, I know, it’s never really gone away, here are some suggestions for its great exponents.





Raymond Carver

What We Talk About When We Talk About LoveRaymond Carver created some of the most beautifully sad stories and with such brevity; with a few well-chosen words he could get to the heart of life and love.

Probably his best collection is “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”.






J.G. Ballard

Vermilion SandsJ.G. Ballard is famous for his fractured take on modern life, however he was also a prolific writer of short stories early in his career.

Many of these offered up a twisted take on the everyday, although he was at his best when he looked to the future, mixing ordinary life with bright flights of fancy.  A perfect example of these are contained in collection of stories that revolve around the desert town of Vermillion Sands, populated by misfits, singing plants and houses that have emotional memories.



P.G. Wodehouse

Blandings Castle and ElsewhereP.G. Wodehouse was a fine and prolific creator of comic short stories.

There are a number of Wooster & Jeeves stories, however equally as entertaining is “Blandings Castle and Elsewhere” which follow the trials and tribulations of Lord Emsworth, his beloved pig Empress of Blandings (multiple winner of the fat pig competition), and his less beloved family.



Any short story collections you’d like to add?

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