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About Janet Scrivens

I am a Septuagenarian Mother of three, Grandmother of six and a delighted associate of all tribes who come attached.

Having arrived at this ripe old age, with its endless excuses for everything from typos to trailblazing, I have found, at the end of my rainbow, lots of time to write.

However, let's begin at the beginning. I attended a good old-fashioned grammar school, before being enrolled at a secretarial college. This, at the time, was thought to be the best in education for a girl. The fact that my best subjects were art and English didn't hold any clout, and I ended up working in a bank. However, marriage and children ensued, so all was not lost.

The writing actually started in my thirties when I attempted my first novel. I used a pair of married friends on whom to base my two main characters. I killed him off in the book, but when his live counterpart died in a similar fashion, I buried the pen.

Since that regrettable episode, I have been fortunate enough to have seen my poems in print, joined Grace Dieu Writers' Circle, won a couple of awards, one for a short story and one for a piece of travel writing.

When my grandchildren arrived (six within four and a half years), I began writing for them, with each child taking turns as the protagonist. In 2008 I wrote the first "Grandma Janet's Christmas Annual".

Because of my family's obsession with all things edible, especially homemade pickles and chutneys, I was coerced by friends to write down the recipes. I made them into small books with pretty covers, and gave them away at Christmas.

I am now writing the last leg of my first novel, which is historical and based on the life of my Grandmother. As she was born in 1877, it has necessitated endless hours of research, but luckily I have loved every minute.

So my glass is full to overflowing, and the one next to it is full of pens. They both stand sentry over my computer, which is just as well, because it and I do sometimes fall out. As it growls at me, I swear the darn thing is male! Not that I am averse to all of those, you understand. Ah, I forgot to mention, I live alone!

Good Old Days and All ThatOne can’t help but look back, at this time of the year, not just over the past twelve months but to re-assess where one stands in the world at this very moment.

For most of us in the West, it is not a scary place.  We can peep out from our safe havens and wonder where we will go next, and most of us won’t worry too much about it.