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About Gina At The Word...

Ever since she can remember, Gina has always had her nose in a book. During those long drives on family holidays did Gina look out the window and constantly ask her parents “Are we there yet?” Not this girl. She could happily read for hours on end and may even be a little upset if they arrived at their destination before she finished her book.

The world of books is infinite… To immerse yourself in the times of The Great Gatsby…to feel the desolation of Jean Rhys’ leading character as she wanders the streets of Paris… to delight in the wonders of Merlin The Magician… to soak in the surreal atmosphere of Marguerite Duras’ settings… to have a sense of nostalgia and déjà vu in Cannery Row…to shrink from the horrors of Stephen King’s world…

Whatever emotion, feeling, experience you want to submerse yourself in – a book can be found.

However much Gina enjoys those lone reading moments, there are real-life experiences to be had, a life to enjoy, other interests to pursue and well… work to be done. Fortunately, these don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Gina also has an ardent interest in technology and relishes discovering its uses and new applications. She has a non-quenchable desire to travel, loves to explore, and is always asking “what’s around the corner?”

She believes we need stories in our lives – whether you’re reading somebody else’s or writing/creating your own.

By being part of “The Word Runs Through It”, Gina hopes to contribute to the book world that little bit more – to suggest great stories to read, to incite passionate conversations about those stories, to encourage those shy writers out there that yes there is a place where your writing will be welcomed, to engage in debates about traditional and digital publishing – a book you can hold or a book you download.

So, let’s find out together "what’s around the corner" through “The Word Runs Through It”.

Letter to an Unknown SoldierWe have many things to be thankful for.  Next time you have an argument, so trivial you can’t even remember what started it or are feeling bored, discontented, pessimistic…just put things into perspective.  No, this isn’t an article on self-help or personal improvement.  What prompted this reflection is the start of the World War I centenary commemorations.



French Crime WritersToday’s readers are becoming insatiable and expanding their tastes with works in translation.  Perhaps this has something to do with mass audiences being exposed to blockbuster thriller films based on foreign books and the rise of subtitled shows on television.

While last month we highlighted the popularity of Scandinavian crime fiction with “Murder in a Cold Climate”, the slow but steady rise of French crime writers deserves further exploration.

For a long period, very little French crime fiction was being translated.


Catching the BarramundiPain and suffering. How often have we heard these words in today’s world and all throughout history?  They never go away.

How they are dealt with varies from century to century, place and person.  No matter what the scenario, such fundamental emotions traverse time, individuals and outcome.

They signify an aspect of human frailty and vulnerability and while the stories may be different, the raw emotional core is the same.

“Catching the Barramundi” in its collection of 12 short stories convincingly captures the disconsolate and troubled side of life with hints of perhaps better times to come.


Book TrailersIn the scheme of all things literary, book trailers haven’t been around very long.  Some authors may consider them more as a hindrance to their writing efforts than a help to their book marketing.  Yet they can be a great way to reach out to readers, especially those who are more visually stimulated.  In today’s world, buyers of books are influenced by what they see on the internet and elsewhere.