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So you’d like to guest post for The Word Runs Through It?

We welcome your contribution but first please review our process and guidelines.

Initial Steps

In the form at the end of this page:

  • Briefly tell us about yourself.
  • Give examples of your work and a link to your site if you have one.
  • Give the title of the post you would like to write.
  • Outline the topic with bullet points.
  • Tell us how “The Word Runs Through It“ readers would benefit from your post.

We’ll confirm that we’ve received your request.  Then we will discuss with you whether the full post you wish to write would be relevant to our site and something that we would accept to publish.

Once publication in principle is agreed, you can then send us the full post along with other information you need to provide us with as mentioned in the “What We’re Looking For in Guest Contributions” section.

The full post can be added as an attachment (in a Word .doc format) to our last email exchange.

Then we’ll have a final review and edit before we post it on our site.


General Guidelines

  • Your post has to be original and not have been published elsewhere.
  • If your post is accepted, you grant a license to The Word Runs Through It to be the exclusive publisher.  You agree to not publish this post anywhere else (i.e. as a guest post on other blogs, on your own site, etc.) but you may refer to the post on our site.
  • All sources must be credited.
  • You may include a link or two in your post but only if those links are relevant and point to information that is beneficial to our readers.
  • Affiliate links are not permitted.


What We’re Looking For in Guest Contributions

  • Content that is useful and related to writing and all its aspects, publishing, book marketing and the world of books.  Posts should inform, teach, inspire or entertain. When writing the post consider: “How can readers of The Word Runs Through It benefit from this?”  “Will they enjoy reading this?”
  • Your post should be unique.  Be creative – present information in a different and interesting way.  Talk about things that haven’t been covered before – shake things up with a thought-provoking topic.  Challenge our readers with a controversial idea…
  • The post should be between 700 and 1500 words.
  • Make the post scannable.  For instance, structure your post into paragraphs with headings and subtitles, use bulleted lists if applicable and bold font to emphasize certain phrases.
  • The post should have a meaningful and catchy title: an enticing headline that will grab the reader’s interest, inform the reader about the article’s topic and incorporate key words that people are looking for.
  • As each post will be associated with an image – we need an indication from you as to the type of image that would best represent what you are writing about in the post. We can then find an appropriate image and include it.
  • We want the readers to interact and connect with you, the writer.  You should have a good conclusion that encourages commentary and conversation.  Therefore in a sentence or two at the end of your post, you should ask the reader to share their thoughts about the post via the comment section below it.  For example, did they have similar experiences, if so share them in the comments.
  • You must then be prepared to respond to any comments on your post in a timely fashion.
  • As a closing credit we’ll need a short bio (your author byline) that is approximately 2 – 3 sentences long.  Your author bio should be written in the third person and relate your writing/publishing/book marketing/reading activities.  It can include a link to your site if you have one.  If you’d like your picture to appear in your byline, please send us one as well.
  • Twitter, Facebook and your website details if applicable.
  • We ask that you edit and proofread your post diligently.


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